5 Tips for Surviving Festival Season bih!

 Can I start off by saying that I love festival season. It is a real thing. Like an actual thing. Especially in my city. The year goes something like this... Mardi Gras season, festival season, crawfish season, football season, Holiday season, repeat. The vibes in New Orleans are quite unique. That being said, if you wanna survive something like festival season, you have to understand the lay of the land.

1. HYDRATE. No seriously. Don't think you are going to drop a couple of extra bottles into your bag and its handled. Please don't make that rookie mistake. Start drinking extra water the entire day before the event. Make sure your body is COMPETELY HYDRATED for the next days event. During festivals, drinking is typically a major theme. Your not going to remember to drink water after ever drink you have, and besides...who wants too??

2. KNOW WHAT YOU WANT TO DO BEFORE HAND. We live in the tech age. Most events will list a detailed schedule of what happening online. Check out this info before you arrive to make a list of what you what to do/see and when its happening. For example, I typically work as a vendor during Jazz Fest, but if I were going to attend the fest, I would def want to bring my kids. That being said, family and field trip day is Thursday (2nd weekend). Online there is a list of what is going on in the kids tent and surrounding areas. The more you know...

3. DRESS THE PART. Typically festivals are held to unite a community in celebration of a cultural trends. I.E. Jazz for New Orleans. You should dress the part. But its key to keep in mind a few factors for success. Its going to be hot, like two sinners in church HOT. Try to find garments that flow and stretch easily. This will help with sweat stains and feeling restricted in movements. Thank me later.

4. PACK A BAG. That bag is going to be your life support. Especially if its hot out. Pregame the festival by making sure you have everything you need pack before you go. For example, sunscreen, at hat, a chair, a blanket, sunglasses, little bottles of crown, lip gloss, rolling papers, water, positive vibes, hand/feminine wipes, hell last weekend I saw two girls pull out a pair or folding chairs AND a folding table! I thought to myself, well damn...it even has cup holders, they're ready.

5. BRING CASH/SHOP FOR GEMS. I know, I know, cash?!? Who in there right mind uses cash these days? Simple....PLENTY OF PEOPLE. Like the food vendors, the craft and garment vendors, and the artists you have come to see. Yes, some of us take cards to, but even that can be problematic. For instance, what if the cell signals are overloaded in the area? Your transaction might not go thru. Or, the wifi for the event is poo...(Jazz Fest every year)? Cash fixes all of those issues easily. Which leads me to my next point. Festival gems. Typically really big festivals bring together a really diverse and far reaching crowd. Currently, the artist in booth next to us is from Ghana, by way of North Carolina, (don't ask me how that worked out) and artist on the other side is from Atlanta, Ga. These artist and vendors are bringing unique pieces from all over, make sure your ready to bring home one of these gems. You wont regret it. I get some of the most compliments on items I pick up from Jazz Fest over the years. Keep this in mind and hopefully you find those pair of earrings that changes the rest of your year. (Come see us in Congo Square at booth U4 for all your custom jewelry needs. We use the finest semi-precious stones.) Yes that was a shameless family business plug. Giving you everything you never asked for today.

With these tips in mind you should be ready to conquer that festival this summer all while looking cool. Got anymore tips or suggestions? Sound off down below. 

Here are some of my pics from the New Orleans Jazz and Heritage Festival. Did you go to JazzFest this year?

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