Olive Always Love You

I typically OD on things I love. If I find a new song, I will keep it on repeat for days. Once I find a great meal at a diner, I order it over and over until I cant eat it anymore. I'm a creature of habit. So it should come as no surprise that I'm still using velvet. However, this was a complete spur of the moment decision. Joanna's had the fabric priced at such an amazing price point, I couldn't pass it up. Which is how we ended up here. And I have to say, I am beyond satisfied with the end result.

The weather is still pretty warm in New Orleans, with an occasional cool front so this fabric is perfect for outside conditions. Velvet is a quick way to add a lux feel to any look. It instantly elevates the garment and feels great on the skin. By choosing a stretch velvet, all of the garments move easily making them a dream to wear. I am planning to infuse them into my spring collection by using a few style tips I picked up along the way.

1. Don't be afraid of texture. Mix this fabric with more velvet or other types of fabrics. The bolder, the better.

2. Think sexy. The stretch in fabric hugs the body. Use that in your style choice and embrace it.

3. Become a fan of color. We all love our black pieces, but spring is the perfect time to shy away from that color and introduce some bold and eye-catching hues into the mix.  Pro tip: Don't stop at the olive. I would add pink, blue, purple, or whatever you have available to make that beautiful olive stand out.

Are there any fabrics or styles you are currently obsessed with?  Comment down below. Also, how have you been wearing velvet this season? Drop a pic in the comment section.

Love Always,