Matchy Matchy

If you have been following this Spring 2017 design series, then you have already gathered that I was deeply inspired by cool tones like blue and green, with all of the matching hues in between. There is something magical in regards to cool tones. For example, they look great on all skin tones and body types. Plus they can be worn pretty much year around. Another source of inspiration came from buildable pieces. I cant stress how much the weather shifts from day to day in New Orleans. Thus, it was critical for the wardrobe to work with all the seasons...Even if they all happen in the span of a week.

This weeks design feature was shot in one of my favorite places in the city. Louis Armstrong Park on Rampart. Louis Armstrong was an amazing Jazz Musician who traveled the world preforming. He was born on August 4, 1901. His career spanned 5 decades and he successfully paved the way for several Nola natives to do the same. (i.e. trombone shorty) He went by the nicknames Satchmo and Pops. ith Black Hiistory Month right around the corner, now is the perfect time to learn a little more about this native legend. Click the link to learn more.

But that is not the only reason the park is so special. It is also the original Congo Square. During slavery, Blacks were not allowed to meet or gather in groups. Congo Square was the only place they could meet in the city on a specific day of the week. There is still much debate surrounding the actual day of the week. However, this meeting time was a very important time for the slaves in the area. During this time families that were spilt up had the possibility to meet up, traditional cultural practices were held, and business was conducted. Congo Square was a literal cultural hub. Read more about it here...

 The park its self is covered with art work, sculptures, and foliage. There is always some sort of festival going on in the park during festival season, which brings in people from all over the world.  The colors are always so lively. As I learn more about who I am as a person, I have begun to realize that I am a mix of several things. I have more than one heritage that I identify with, and that's what makes me and my people beautiful. Mixing traditional prints with modern fabrics and trends in my design process always brings me to a happy medium. Its my current obsession and inspiration.

Would you wear any of this look? If so comment down below...

Do you have any favorite places in New Orleans? If so, where?

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