Spring time Queening: The Quinnzell Dress


The confusing weather patterns in the city have me yearning for brighter and warmer days. Strong patterns with light spring time colors are pretty much the only thing that has been able to get me out of the house. The mix of color, texture, and patterns are like little breathes of life into my wardrobe. And this dress is a perfect example of just that.

The detailed neckline highlight the breast line and all of its feminine glory. This dress is definitely for a woman with bold heart and spirit. Its a clear cultural celebration. New Orleans has been called the most African city in the U.S. because of it strong ties to African culture, from the food, to the vibrant people and lifestyle. Its only right that this is reflected in the clothing.

What colors and trends are you looking forward to this Spring 2017? Would you wear the Quinnzell dress? If so, wear??? Comment down below...

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The Quinnzell Dress