A Holiday Lookbook pt. 2: Black Velvet

By now, my obsession with velvet is anything but a well kept secret.  Even the lack of cold weather hasn't stopped me from injecting different hues of velvet into my current wardrobe.  Its been really warm in New Orleans with an occasional cool night for the most part, so I have had to do some serious design changes to my velvet pieces during the construction process.  Removing sleeves, shortening the skirt length, etc.

No matter what the changes were, both garments came out great. I'm happy with my velvet journey. I learned a few things working with the fabric that I can add to my wealth of sewing knowledge and experience. That's a win. Not to mention, to great pieces in the closet. I don't see a downside, other than the weather abruptly getting cold mid March... in which case I already have something to wear.

During the first part of this holiday look book I explained a bit of the history of velvet. Make sure to check it out if you haven't already. This lbvd (little black velvet dress) is my NYE look. For New Years, I typically have a reflective and quite day. Instead of partying or running the streets I like to slow down the pace a bit to take in the remainder of the year. This year that included strolling thru an art gallery on St. Claude and becoming apart of a living art installation.


DSC00545 (2).JPG
DSC00431 (2).JPG