A Holiday Lookbook: Pink Velvet

What is Velvet? Where did it come from? Good question. Well, the earliest record of velvets date back to the Mali Empire. They were also found in Cairo, Venice, Baghdad, and Timbuktu.

Its made on a special loom that 'piles' the tuffs together. Which is why it also cost so much at the time. It was a massive project to produce at the time. Mucho Dinero Papi. Fast forwarding to modern times, velvet can be purchased in most piece ranges and is readily available to the general public. My earliest memory of the fabric goes back to my childhood. During the holiday time to be specific, my mother would have dresses made for my twin sister and I every year. And quite a few of those years, they were made out of velvet.  For some unknown reason, I hated velvet as a child. I remember complaining loudly about the material all the time. But now I simply cant get enough of the fabric. So far, I have made a dress, gloves, cape. pillows, and I'm working on bowties. Total overload.

The only thing I wanted was colored velvet. The ONLY THING. I have been recently seeing these beautiful velvet hues online for weeks. I had to have it in my closet. But velvet can be heavy. For those of you who don't know it was 75 degrees in New Orleans yesterday. Its hot. This time I decided to opt for something short and sexy. The gloves and cape of course brought the drama, which every woman needs and the rest was history. And yes, its hot pink...deal with it.