Aztec Dreams

We all dream. Some of us dream in bright colors and shapes, while others dream in 2D grey tones. I love dreaming. They inspire me, motivate me, and even scare me. But the absolute best part about dreaming is seeing your dreams manifest into reality. Its like when a gardener has a new seed packet for his garden. Your dream is that tiny seed. A small inkling of what can be. But before it can become a reality, you have to cultivate it.

Enter my Aztec shift dress. I have had this garment in mind for along time. For those who know me, versatility is key with any thing I add to my wardrobe. A modern day woman will shift from morning meetings to drinks with the girlies in a heartbeat. So, my wardrobe has to work with my lifestyle. Hence the shift dress. Its part kimono, part wrap dress, part cardigan, all fabulous. I have worn it all three ways by utilizing the sash a constructed from the left over scraps of fabric. Keep scrolling down to see how it looks as a wrap dress.

Love Always,


ps. want to see the other ways I style this piece, including the other color I made it in? Comment down below for a full pictorial.




Outside the front door slay